Is Morocco a safe country to travel?

Travel Morocco safety

Travel Morocco safety

Travel Morocco safety Morocco is genuinely a delightful country to discover. Pristine beaches, Charming ruins, captivating castles, beautiful roads and bustling medinas are a part of what makes the nation so different and wonderful to explore.
However, as any North African “Muslim country” life in Morocco is altogether different from that in the West and can raise some safety concerns for explorers.
In the different sections below, we cover the principal safety issues in Morocco while offering a lot of practical and simple solutions to enable you to deal with them during your stay.

Health Concerns

Health should not be a fundamental worry for those wishing to travel to Morocco. You don’t have to worry about mosquito bites, however, you can avoid potential risk to remain safe (i.e. using insect repellent in the hot months, wearing colored clothes and so forth.) There is also no need to take vaccines to enter the nation.

Food and Water Safety

In any other foreign nation, the local food isn’t cooked in similar conditions. Consequently, know about where you choose to eat street food.
 Generally, Skala du Port in Essaouira, the Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakesh, the old medina of Fes and Port in Agadir are the best places in Morocco to try local flavors. 
Numerous guidebooks recommend drinking only bottled water. However, there is no need to worry about drinking from taps they have cistern system, they maintained and generally new throughout the nation.

Faux Guides

The greatest worry for a vacationer in Morocco is the popularity of faux guides. Despite the fact that these have diminished in number because of the significant work of the Brigade Touristique, The greatest worry for a vacationer in Morocco is the popularity of faux guides.
-Avoid eye contact and ignore them. This will usually suffice to discourage them.
-If they continue to approach you, walk away politely; this is also an effective way to avoid them.
-If they insist, don’t be afraid simply say no. You can say “La” (the Arabic word which means “no”) to avoid revealing your native language.
-In all cases, ignoring all the faux guides is the best choice. If you talk to them, then they have already succeeded in their first step.

Road Safety

Street quality in Morocco varies all through the nation and consistently. From high-speed roads to secondary streets which might be poorly maintained, the safety of the streets relies upon the season as overwhelming downpours or snow can make more hazardous driving conditions.
Drivers are known to be more inconsistent and a wide range of vehicles, donkeys cards to bicycles, are legally permitted to share a street. Car accidents are a big worry in Morocco so it is fundamental to be careful when driving around the nation.

Is it Safe for Kids to Travel in Morocco?

Moroccan culture is a family-oriented one and you will witness when you go to Morocco. You may then notice a friendlier behavior from local people, you’ll often find locals coming to you and admiring your kids, tenderly touching or kissing their cheeks, welcoming you into their shops and furthermore offering free tea.
This is all friendly conduct and you should not feel awkward or perilous about it. Morocco is a greatly a child-friendly society and bringing your kids along with you can be leverage for you to connect with local people and discover the Moroccan lifestyle.

Is it Safe for Women in Morocco?

It clear that for women traveling to Morocco it is not the same as flying out to a Western nation. In Morocco, gender rules considerably more characterized and the traditional views of a male-centric culture are very unmistakable which implies women to avoid potential risk while exploring Morocco.
Among the best places in Morocco are Fez and Marrakech for there big souks and colorful shops; for the ladies just wear appropriate clothes be confident and know your destination especially in the conservative regions.
There is no fear when traveling to Morocco. Looking confident, staying calm and forgetting about the incidental cat-call are generally positive attitudes which help you enjoy Morocco stay.


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