Fez Medina Tours

Firstly, Fez an old breeding ground for artisans and scholars, gourmands and imams– Fez & Fez Medina Tours is a remarkably self-confident city with a cultural and historical lineage that flabbergasts its visitors. Also, there is something intangible about this place where 70,000 people still live in the frenzy of the medina so dense and dull and dilapidated that remains the world’s biggest car-free urban area. Donkey’s cart down the warren alleys as they have done since the medieval ages and the endless alleyways are sure to impress. Make sure to take Fez city tour to discover its hidden alleys.

 Fez Medina

Fez’ medina appears as it’s in a condition of perpetual pandemonium; some travelers fall right away in love with it and others run in horror. However, its charms are so many. Obscured alleys lead to squares with astonishing fountains and lanes bursting with food stalls and aromatic products, rooftops uncover an ocean of minarets and stooped entryways uncover the workshops of energetic craftsmen. Check Fez Photography Tour to explore all the amazing places.
Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the working media in the world. Shopping in Fes is one of the unique affairs where the old meets the new. So, Fes has a unique array of conventional Moroccan handmade merchandise from metalwork to pottery and embroidery. For more information visit Fez Artisanal Handicraft tour.
Finally, Morocco travelers recommend Fez Cooking Class as the gastronomy known by the Fassi people. There’s nothing better than taking an authentic cooking class and see the rules and secrets of making Moroccan dishes. You’ll act like locals on this Fez cooking class from shopping in the local souks for ingredients to baking bread and rolling couscous and much more…


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