Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour



Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour, to discover one of the oldest and imperial cities in Morocco with your private local guide to have a  visit the most ancient monument… Get indulged with local people and have an experience in the largest part of the handicrafts in Fes city…Visit many places such as Seffarine, Chouara Tannery, Attarine and all the places where those sensational handicrafts are made.


Chouara Tannery,Attarine, Seffarine

Pick up from hotel /riad to explore Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour, Taking a tour in the narrow alleys until we reach Chouara Tannery a breathtaking place that will excite you with its beautiful colors. In the first place, you will see the local people tanning the leather in a traditional way and in all colors to create different products like shoes, bags coats. Continue forward to another fascinating area “seffarine” of making copper, you will experience and see all the house utensils carved and made out of copper such as trays , glasses and so on. You can also do the shopping with reasonable prices.

Our next destination is Attarine a wonderful place with a pleasant smell where you will find all kinds of herbs and perfumes which totally made out of natural roses and stuff. Of course, you will have the chance to make these beautiful products by yourself take information from the expert artisans, buy these herbs which are very cheap and with high quality.


Various activities in Handicraft schools

Meanwhile, you can take a break, relax and eat delicious Moroccan desserts or meal. After eating, continue your adventure in the world of handicrafts. The ancient Medina is a place for many Handmade crafts schools. Therefore, you will have fun exploring and making different handicrafts. Start by making pottery, the first step is to knead the mud, then, start shaping it in the manual machine.Of course, you can have a hand from experts, this process is definitely worth trying.

Your tour can’t  finish without taking a glimpse into the traditional factory of making rugs. In fact, you will be amazed by its Bright colors and take a close look at how they are made. The local people are very friendly, they will definitely answer your question with an open heart. You can also visit the Wood Industry to see how artisans make beautifully carved pieces of wood.


Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour
day tours Fes morocco handicrafts arts artisans
Pottery- Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour
Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour
Chouara Tannery- Fez local artisan handicraft tour
Chouara Tannery- fes handicraft tour
Fes shoes-Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour
day tours Fes morocco handicrafts arts artisans

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