Mysteries Fez City

Fez culture half day tour 

Mysteries Fez City

Mysteries Fez City, in the core of Morocco lies a unique one-time fortress city which still has an atmosphere of secrecy. For many visitors, Fes represents the real Morocco; in its maze of narrow alleyways a medieval Medina windowless houses and quiet cloisters. Developed from the 9th century; the town became a major centre of culture, religion and learning at that time. Its monuments reveal this status with many religious schools alongside endless artisanal areas. So here are the mysteries of Fes where to enjoy Fes city tours


Explore the Mysteries of Fes in Fes city Tours

Fes is an extraordinary monument to the past, however, it’s as well a living and working city. Over than 200,000 Fassi still live inside the walls of the medieval area of Fès El-Bali. The ancient city of Fes is a noble one established 789 a.d and became the initial Arab kingdom in Morocco. That’s why it’s called the old gem of Morocco. If you want to be part of the Fassis’ world check Fes Guided Day tour.
Travelers come to Fes with an over excitement and nerve to explore the warren narrow alleyways, huddled housing, teeming souks, and archaic industry.
How so, the real adventure of exploring the old town begins at the Bab Bou Jeloud (the carved ornamental city gate) Fez Medina Cultural Guided walking tour – Fes Day tour, the tour where to start your real adventurous journey. When you take Fes city tours, you’ll amaze by the puzzling silence until you discover that no cars and motors can enter this large pedestrian covered medina. Here and there and everywhere you can see tiled minarets of mosques, artisanal stalls, tanneries and more…
So enjoy your tours.We are all the time looking for the best and new ways to explore Fes, check Fez Photography Tour.

 Mystery of Fez-authentic cultural

If you think that the mystery of Fez is over, wait until you discover its authentic cultural activities full of strangeness and exclusion. Hence the results are a different indulgence that makes all your sense filled with the desire to come back.
Check  Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour, to discover the artisanal products but also learn how to make them. For instance, the ceramic pottery the famous ones on Fes. Moreover, take Traditional Fes cooking classes, the best opportunity to understand the Moroccan culture from another vision Enjoy!
Mysteries Fez City and fez the place where to find oneself in a different space filled with elements from the Medieval Ages that never came to an end.


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