Chefchaouen’s Blue mystery

The Chefchaouen city of Morocco is as unparalleled as it is beautiful. Situated between peaks of marijuana Rif Mountains, the city has many stories and little hidden finds, appropriately the blue walls and the enchanting maze narrow streets of the Medina. Be prepared for an enjoyable trip in the land of thousands welcomes.
Exceptional Chefchaouen Day Tours
Chefchaouen is a rich history by itself, established in 1471 when the Jewish and Moorish escaped the Reconquista of Spain, since that time Chefchaouen has developed a rich mixture of history and become an easy way to reach the heart of travelers. Learn about the majestic gates and walls of the town because there’s more hidden secrets of the town than the warm hospitality. You will admire the signs of the early life through the Medina’s natural water springs, and enjoy the most photographic places you ever visited. Furthermore taking the local restaurants culinary delicacies including  the delightfully flavorful and colorful Berber tagines, full cups of sweet mint tea and topped Couscous — here is the city that attracts the travelers from every corner of the world.
Chefchaouen’s Attractions
Since the city is a small town and easy to explore people do often spend Chefchaouen day tours, and here are its most stunning attractions: the old city is a beautiful place to discover with tow tones buildings of blue powder on the bottom and white on the top, even sometimes the white looks blue thanks to the reflection of the stunning bright azure shades. Walking between these buildings give a great inspiration and impression of walking in the sky. Behind the majestic blue walls, there is a blowing natural scenery that surrounds the town. Just 30 mn from Chefchaouen the stunning waterfalls of Akchour are, the crystal waters are keeping with the city’s blue theme besides the visitors can have a dip in the pools. The awe-inspiring main square of Plaza Uta El-Hammam where the incredible Kasbah Museum lies is a must see, since it has a beautiful Andalusian Gardens, unrivalled artefacts collection and everything from musical instruments to pottery…
However still the prominent attraction of Chefchaouen is he shopping, since the city mesmerizing a traditional souk. In fact, it is almost impossible not to pause and stare at the dazzling pops of leather products, hand-woven rugs… the tourists will admire the relaxed ambiance and the smell of the leather goods. There is absolutely something surreal and magical about wandering in the Medina of Chefchaouen, this city bursts with a true beauty.


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