The Blue City Chefchaouen Morocco

Beautifully perched between the peaks of Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen city or Chaouen for short is seen as one of the prettiest and new places on Morocco’s tourist trail. However it’s not the mountains or the architecture that brings travelers in thousands to see. But, it’s the color an artsy blue-washed town that feels like it owns its unique world. The electric allure of Chefchaouen city covers not only its houses but also its public square ,mosques and even the ambiance. Hence, be ready to explore chefchaouen’s most unavoidable sights including Ras el-Maa, the Kasbah, the Medina and Plaza Uta Hammam.
Chefchaouen Beautiful Blue City, Plaza Uta Hammam and The Medina
The narrow blue alleys act as steps in the Medina, you’ll soon find sporadic blue doors then blue wall. All of a sudden the entire alleyways are blue, from doors, windows to the buildings on the streets. The old city of Chefchaouen is one of the loveliest towns in Morocco, uncrowded and small. With enough winding diverted paths, it’s easy to explore and with the fresh looking, clean blue buildings the Medina resembles to a cloudless sky. You can not pass by the charming teapots, silver bracelets, woven blankets and many native handicrafts displayed in the streets and not buy them since Chefchaouen represents a popular shopping destination. From there you can get to the heart of the Medina cobbled and shady, its Plaza Uta Hammam where you’ll find lined restaurants and cafes. So it’s a peaceful place to relax, watch the life goes and watch a panoramic view of the City.
Experience the beauty of Ras El- Maa and The Kasbah
Immersing in the soundscape of rushing water, Ras El Maa waterfall is just beyond the Medina of Chefchaouen. It’s here where the waters come running from the mountains, providing a main source to all the people’s town. Admire the the sounds and the panoramic views from the top of the waterfall and watch the local women come for their washing. You’ll love the area and the doze of nature. One of the main attractions in Chefchaouen is the Kasbah, a beautiful restored fortress built by Moulay Ali Ben Mussa, the founder of Chaouen. Indulge in the Andalusian style, and explore this lovely Kasbah which contains ethnographic museum, lovely garden and art gallery. The fascinating views of Chefchaouen are from the tower of the Kasbah, giving you a great delight.
Don’t Miss Akchour Waterfalls 
Since Chefchaouen is a beautiful town in the Rif Mountains surrounded by epic nature, it offers many wonderful places to visit and Akchour is one of them. In the first place Akchour is beautiful cascade, paradise of earth away from Chefchaouen for about 3k aside the road. For nature lovers, this is a natural beauty that you would like to discover walking between the great mountains.You can enjoy a day excursion to explore the pleasant Cascades and magnificent Waterfalls, swim and relax in this dream corner, you’ll never get enough.
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