Top 7 Best places to visit in Morocco

Morocco travel packages tours 7 best places Morocco

Morocco is one of the most known destinations for tourists. Due to its Strategic location, Morocco offers various activities in many different places all over the region. Here are the best places to visit in Morocco: the ancient medina of fes, Jamma fna mosque kotobia in Marrakech, the middle atlas cities (immouzer, ifrane, azrou), Plaza Uta El-Hammam, Akchour in  Chefchaouen, the Moroccan desert, paradise valley in Agadir,Hassan mosque in rabat. Morocco travel packages tours 7 best places Morocco is the best tour to choose from.

Fes the imperial city

The best place to visit in Fes is the ancient medina (the oldest city in morocco). The place contains the oldest schools like: Al Quaraouiyine University, Bou Inania school. In addition, there is various local shops with different products from spices to artisanal handicrafts, and each spot is specialized in a specific product for example: Chouara Tannery is a place of tanning leather with different colors. Attarine is known as the herbs area of all kinds. Seffarine is for cooper handicrafts. Since the place is a traditional one, you will certainly discover the schools of making those beautiful handmade products such as: rugs, wood crafting and pottery… Furthermore, is full of cafes and local-Elegant restaurants along with beautiful terraces that offer an overview of the Medina.

Marrakech the red city


Situated in south Morocco Marrakech is one of the absolute amazing cities that have many places to visit. Mrrakech is known for its enormous square Jamma el fna; this place is full of life with its lined carts of orange juice and professionals who play with snakes and monkeys, moreover, the square is full of various delicious combination of mouthwatering flavors that make it unique .Next to it, you will find the largest mosque in Marrakech, its ornamented windows and its magical view in the night will just captivate tour eyes.  Jamaa el fnaa square is the main entrance to the ancient medina; its labyrinthine streets will take you to complete different adventure where you will explore the local traditional products and the handicrafts of all kinds, you may also do the shopping and take some masterpieces as souvenirs.

 The middle atlas little cities (Immouzer, Ifrane, Azrou)


The middle atlas is a beautiful place to visit during winter or summer. Among the superb cities to visit in the middle atlas is Immouzer a small charming place known for its apple festival, and the delicious goat cheese. Just few kilometers away from Ifrane you will find Dayit Awa Lake that has a countryside style and atmosphere with its damp weather, that offers a variation of activities,such as ,in the cold season you can try the pedal boat that gives you a tour all over the lake or in the hot season you can just lay back on the grass enjoy the cool air and the panoramic view of its surroundings. Ifrane is another beautiful place to visit; the whole city is surrounded by trees and the French buildings style. In the city you can visit Ain Vital to enjoy the sincere beauty of mother nature,and to drink the crystal and healthy water that comes from High mountains, or enjoy the snow sports during winter in Michlifen. Another stunning place that you should visit is Azrou city which is well known for its green painted doors, and its proximity from the Cedar Forest (the largest forest in morocco). The place is known as the home of the berber apes.

Chefchaouen the blue pearl


Chefchaouen is a small town with its blue painted walls that cover the whole city. It is a great place of relaxation. Plaza Uta El-Hammam is a beautiful place to discover, you will find lined cafes and restaurants with an outstanding view of the city in one of these cafes. The clear mountains that surround it give a special touch to the place, there you will find Akchour a beautiful cascade for swimming. The place is just a breathtaking one.

Marzouga the desert

Merzouga desert night

Merzouga is small town; it is the main gate towards the Moroccan Sahara. The Moroccan desert is one of the breathtaking places in Morocco which contains many areas such as: Erg Chebbi dune (the high dune in Sahara), surrounding the Sahara you can find small Sahara villages and valleys, among them, Risanni, ziz valley, dades valley… Plus to the various activities that the Moroccan desert offers like: camel treks, night camps, sandboarding and sunset views.

Agadir city


There are many different places to visit in Agadir, but the most outstanding place is Paradise valley, a big and long river known for its pools and small waterfalls, in addition to the abundance of rocks. The place proposes various activities such as rifting, jumping over the cliff and swimming. Another place is Ofla, it is a hill that has a road to the top. The place offers an overall view of the whole city, and it also contains residue of castle walls.

Rabat the capital city


The Moroccan capital city Rabat, has the most archaeological tower of an uncomplete mosque called Hassan tower. The place contains marble columns and the shrine of the King Hassan II. There is also Kasbah of the Udayas, Overlooking the sea, it is the first dwelling of the city was built in the 12 century. This place is like a castle that contains many narrow alleys and old buildings.

Esscaouira city

Essaouira city

Essaouira city is situated in the west morocco. The city includes many places to visit, among them, the medina which back dates to the 18th century, it is a preserved place of the European architecture. Its narrow alleys and the local shops of different and various products, in addition to the wooden doors of the house. The city is an attraction for many visitors due to its relaxing atmosphere and beaches.



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