Morocco’s Perfect Places

Morocco's Perfect Places

Morocco’s Perfect Places

If the climate of Morocco has its honorable share of drama and beauty, its environment is equally diverse and charming. Some of its epics towns have local colors: Blue Chefchaouen and its past written on its walls and peaks; Marrakech the red city; the vibrant culture of the Atlas Mountains in form of fortified places or abandoned earth-clay Kasbahs, with much intricate multi colored mosaic and green-tiled roofs in the medieval city of Fes. Combining traditional aesthetics as well as modern comforts let’s check on the best Morocco’s perfect places.

Morocco’s perfect places,  from its colorful cities to its the Sahara Desert

Fes City

For many tourists and locals Fes still symbolizes the real Morocco; a medieval Medina and the breeding ground for gourmands (Traditional Fes cooking classes), artisans (Fez Local Artisanal Handicraft tour) and scholars (Fez culture full day tour). Fes is a supremely confident city with something intangible, a place where 70,000 people still live in a maelstrom area dark and dense and tumble down that remains the largest car-free area in the world.

Visitors fall instantly in love its medieval labyrinthine, Arabesque architecture, historic mosques, decorative arts, exquisite fountains, colorful shops and souks with rugs and spices. Its charm is many and you can check them in the following links: Fes Guided Day tour, Fez Photography Tour, Fez Medina Cultural Guided walking tour – Fes Day tour.

Chefchaouen Small Blue Gem

Chefchaouen one of the best places in Morocco, a hidden gem in the Rif Mountains. This town has a loveliest Medina, uncrowded and easy to explore, a bewitching storybook and atmosphere that matches the fairy tale history as for Europeans rebels and the Jews adventure. This city contains diverse cultural heritage and crafts which beautifully preserved. Here some places to visit in Chefchaouen, roam in the blue walls of its ancient Medina, eat in the center of the medina “Plaza Uta el-Hammam”, visit the impressive Spanish mosque and the preserved Kasbah. You can also check Day excursion tours Fes Chefchaouen for more detailed information.

You can also check Day excursion tours Fes Chefchaouen for more detailed information.

The Sahara Desert

The Moroccan desert is definitely the best places in Morocco that every visitor should explore within its tours in Morocco. Trekking in Morocco desert and introduced to the Atlas Mountains and its Berber region is something exceptional.

Discover the beauty of southern Morocco with mesmerizing experiences in riding camels, walking yourself and climbing the high dunes (Desert tour from Fes to Fes via Merzouga 2 days). The sky in the Moroccan desert is fabulous, the clear air, the quiet place, the beautiful sun, sky filled with bright stars; you can experience them all in one desert trip (Sahara Desert tours 3 days-2 nights Fes via Merzouga tour).

A genuine mindfulness experience can be when you not only visit the Sahara Desert but also its oases; the high Atlas Mountains, valleys, tumbling Kasbahs and Berber villages; these tours found here:

Fes Marrakech Desert tour 3 days, Fes Marrakech Morocco Sahara Desert trip 4 days, Desert tour Fes Marrakech 5 days.

Among the best places in Morocco, you can also take day excursions from Fes :

Hope you enjoyed Morocco’s perfect places article and helped you to choose your next tour in Morocco; for more information don’t hesitate to contact us we’re always here.