Widely regarded, as one of the most ancient civilizations, Morocco is well known for its different cultures, and the rich heritage that define it. We are lucky enough to list for you the most renowned places, that represent the Moroccan heritage. Namely, you should not miss discovering the Imperial cities Fes, Meknes, plus the holly city Moulay Idrisee, and the Roman ruins Volubilis, with Morocco heritage tours.

                                      The ancient city of Fes heritage

Fes city ancient Medina guided tours                                    

1* Fes ancient medina

 First, explore the mediaval city of Fes with Fes day tours. You will get lost in its labyrinths, and the vivid markets. Experience Morocco culture tours with our agency , in order to have a wide knowledge about the Moroccan heritage. In other words, you may want to discover our best Fes city tours, especially, Fes city walking tour with private guide. Within this tour, you will visit the oldest university in the world “Al quaraouiyine”. Fes ancient Medina, is still Morocco’s lonely city that you will find no sign of cars, people still carry their goods on carts or animals. If you don’t feel excited enough, you probably want to discover another tour around Fes which we arrange. Fes Medina handicrafts walking tour, arts and artisans is a perfect day trip for you, if you are thirsty to discover the Moroccan crafts and artisans that represent the Moroccan heritage.

           Artisan shops-handicrafts-ceramic plates-Fes ancient Medina

In other words, imaging yourself walking between the narrow alleys, and stopping in every local shop to discover its specific handmade product. Also, you will have the chance to make your own product, taking advices from experts. For example, the pottery which the ancient medina is known for. Don’t hesitate to view these two amazing tours and try them. We are all the time available to arrange for you your special tour. 

                                     Volubilis-Meknes-Moulay Idriss                             

Morocco heritage tours 

*2 Morocco imperial cities                      

Morocco heritage tours soak up the extravagant delights and sights. Another amazing city that everyone should visit while coming to Morocco is Meknes. Visiting Meknes, you will come across the big ornamental doors made of green brick marble, that reflect the Moroccan heritage. Next to Meknes you will find Volubilis known as the roman ruins. Amazingly enough, when reaching the place you will find peacefulness, and discover many stories of the oldest civilization. You should not forget to visit the honorable city of Morocco, Moulay Idriss; its white washed walls and the green bricks give a good impression once you see it. Don’t hesitate to visit these imperial cities, exploreing the Moroccan heritage, we may arrange for you a luxury tour. Volubilis, Meknes, Moulay Idriss excursion from Fes  is an exciting on to enjoy your time to the fullest.

Fez guided tours are perfect tours to explore Morocco’s culture and heritage in day trip from Fes. Don’t hesitate to book for these three amazing trips. We are all the time happy to satisfy your needs, and organize for you your special tour.


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