Morocco has been a destination for many visitors since ages, the glorious dynasties and history plus the various cultures that the county contains makes it of great interest and attention.

Based in Morocco particularly in Fes, we are an agency called Fez City Guide that organizes tours and excursions all over Morocco. Helping you to choose the best places and cities for your vacation, to explore this charming country.

Due to its eligibility, our available agency provides the best service, the site is quite clear and easily accessible, plus it gives the slightest detail about the tour or the trip just to make sure  we meet your needs.

We are always glad to answer all your questions and help you to book your adventurous trip, in addition, sharing with you your unique experience.

Fez City Guide offers you a total new experience, and allow you to explore the Moroccan world to discover the best places, cultures, foods, traditions, music… The agency also provides the best conditions from booking for you in the best hotels or riads, picking you from your airport in a well comfortable vehicle, to helping you strolling in the cities with the best professional bilingual guides.

With us you will experience another vision of Morocco in a pleasant way.


 Welcome to Morocco